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Automation of production and hydraulic clamping systems

Hydraulic clamping systems controlled by industrial robots – METZAEL company case-study.

The project was designed to provide the customer with a solution that would allow for the large-scale production of small household appliances in an automated cell.

The robot first puts the work-pieces one after another into the first lathe and after the turning operations, transfers the work-pieces to the TECHTEAM clamping system in order to perform milling operations with a Brother milling machine.

This solution allowed Metazel to generate a job that would have normally engaged up to 3 employees whose performance would have been incomparably lower. The precision of the fixing was also important here: the angularity of the workpiece could, in manual clamping, lead to inaccuracy in the alignment of the angles and planes. By using techTEAM fixtures, we remove these troublesome issues. At the same time, the hydraulic clamping system is very easy to combine with CNC machine control (in this case BROTHER milling machines) and a FANUC industrial robot control system.


We would like to invite you to visit us at GIFA Foundry Trade Fair taking place in Dusseldorf from 25th until 29 June 2019.

We will be presenting our achievements in designing and production of custom machining fixtures as well as their applications in automated production pipeline in accordance to Industry 4.0 conception.

We would be also be pleased to present compact robotized machine tending pallet system REXIO® – several of these systems are already working at our customers plants in Poland and we would like to share our experience about advantages of this solution.

We would be delighted to see you!


It is our pleasure to inform you that we have passed the threshold of 10 customers benefitting from our robotized machine tending pallet system REXIO®. These systems are fitted with a selection of robots from renowned brands. One of them is being implemented in a production cell in our in-house manufacturing unit in continuous operation mode.

Two out of the systems delivered so far were already readjusted for the production of new parts. This allowed our customers to discover and experience the significant advantages of our product – its universality and mobility.

The system’s favorable price and versatility, as well as our positive experience with its current implementations, encourages us to believe that the number of its users will keep growing steadily.

We invite you to see the robotic pallet system REXIO® system at work at our production plant in Wanaty, Poland.


It was a pleasure to meet you all on this year’s MACH TOOL show taking place within ITM Poland on 05-08.06.2018. Our products were shown in Hall 3A, booth 14.

150m2 of booth area allowed us to present our innovative solutions in area of production processes automation. Two REXIO systems in integrated production cells with CNC machine tools were presenting possibilities of automation solutions. Live broadcast showcasing systems operations gathered considerable audience who would otherwise had no possibility to witness the action. Our automation and application engineers had a lot of discussion with customers who are in their first steps towards automation of their production where they could better understand benefits and challenges of evolving production environment.

Additionally we held a contest where main prize was newest drone DJI Mavic Air.

EMO 2017 fairs – Thank you for visiting us!

We would like to thank all of our customers who visited our booth on EMO2017 show that was held 18-23.09.2017 in Hannover.

Our stand located in Hall6, K12 was visited by countless guests coming from various countries all around the world.

This year we were presenting solutions targeting production automation which perfectly fit into current trends revolving around Industry 4.0. Product we were presenting was compact, robotized pallet tending system called REXIO® paired with vertical machining centre by Brother equipped with our hydraulic fixturing system. This compact setup allowed for complete, automatic and uninterrupted production of the parts.

Customers we had pleasure to talk to were highly interested in financial and staffing advantages of implementing the presented solution.

Positive feedback we have received during these Fairs leave us little choice but to take part in EMO 2019, for which we would like to invite you all in advance!

Let’s meet at the EMO 2017 Fair in Hannover, Germany!

We are pleased to invite you to the international EMO metalworking fair held in Hanover, Germany, on 18-23 September 2017!

TechTEAM is a leading Polish manufacturer of custom-made clamping systems for machine tools. We design and manufacture mechanical, pneumatic and especially hydraulic CNC fixtures.

Enabling our clients to benefit from fixing workpieces in machine tools and automatically loading them, we are perfectly meeting the demands of the machining industry when it comes to automation solutions. During this year’s trade fair, TechTEAM will be presenting hydraulic clamping systems as well as Rexio®, an automated robotic pallet system assisted by a Brother milling machine and a Kawasaki robot.

We will be delighted to see you at the K12 stand in Hall 6, in the Deutsche Messe Arena in Hanover / Laatzen.

TechTEAM for Raufoss Automotive

A series of clamping systems for suspension arm production

Raufoss Automotive Components is a world leader in the manufacture of light alloys car components. Clamping of this type of work-pieces is especially difficult due to the delicacy of the casting structure prior to machining and the softness of the material itself.

Frequently asymmetric, fanciful shapes of work-pieces cause a lot of difficulties in fixing the part. In addition, the manual clamping does not give any repetition and it is a subject to high risk of error.

The question was “how to work with a series of hundreds or thousands parts that differ from each other in terms of production technology, that additionally are distinguished for two different types of traffic (right and left hand) for several different series of vehicles?”. We found an answer – techTEAM has developed a number of unique clamping solutions that are quick-changeable on the machine and provide excellent machining performances. The precision of performance is enormous since these elements go to a premium class cars of the famous Scandinavian manufacturer, cars that often reach the speeds of 250 km/h!

Photo no 1 presents a clamping system for suspension arm production, mounted onto the working table of Mazak’s 5-axis double-pallet machining center Variaxis 630-2PC. An important feature of this system is its ability to quick change in order to fit the work-pieces for left-hand traffic.

In the systems for the automotive industry, there are some factors that particularly important. One of them is so called “air control” of a workpiece position. Air controllers in the form of compressed air nozzles monitor if the work-piece sits in exactly defined position.

We feel proud to be able to enhance the production processes of our clients and Raufoss is yet another example of a very successful collaboration.

2016 a year of successful expansion!

Since 2016 our fixtures can be found improving production processes in 7 European countries!

As 2016 has come to an end it is time to sum it up! This certainly has been a year of rapid expansion of our abroad activities: we have increased our presence on Scandinavian marked with our new key customer as well as expanded to new markets such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia. Almost all of these new customers are part of the global automotive supply chain.

We are proud to be found trustworthy by so many companies in this highly competitive industry where timing, quality and precision are everything.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, we look forward to working with and for you in 2017!

techTEAM solutions in the newly opened Kongsberg’s factory in Koluszki!

The automation and fixture system devices developed by techTEAM, integrated into a closed, fully automated cell, designed and manufactured especially for Kongsberg Automotive.

Kongsberg Automotive, a well-known worldwide company, has launched another factory, this time located in Koluszki (Lodz province). In this modern factory the company manufacturers parts for Scania, DAF and Volvo trucks.

MAZAK’s five-axis machining center and horizontal milling centers used in this project are operated in an automated or semi-automatic manner. The pictures show, among other things, the clamping systems used with the machines. Some of the solutions have been adapted from other KONGSBERG factories, but techTEAM specialists have improved them upon processing speed, positioning accuracy and equipment durability. An example of this could be the significantly improved system for the manufacture of the tilt stabilizer connectors.

Although the new plant employs more than 70 people, most operations are fully automated and employees act as “smart” supervisors of an autonomous system. It is important not only in terms of safety but also in terms of health –  frequently industrial working conditions are found harmful to employees’ health. Industrial fumes, high temperature and electromagnetic waves all pose a risk. In all these places, a steel robot replaces a man.

Kongsberg Automotive (KA) is headquartered in Norway. The company has 30 production sites around the world. Today, the range of products includes seat comfort systems, driver’s assistance and traffic control products, fluid circulation units, steering systems (driver – vehicle interface) developed for global vehicle manufacturers.

We encourage you to watch the short film by  Dziennik Lodzki, the newspaper that reported on the opening:

Thank you for visiting us at the GIFA 2015 fair!

Our booth was located in Hall 15 / A19 where we have presented four operational examples of hydraulic fixtures for processing of castings, each fixture showcasing a different type of machine application.

Visitors were able to witness life clamping/unclamping action and discuss benefits of using our products in their production processes.

We consider this event as highly successful and we are looking forward to meet you again in Dusseldorf on GIFA 2019!​

We look forward to meeting you at GIFA 2015!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the techTEAM booth in Hall A (A19) during the upcoming GIFA, METEC, ThermProcess & NewCast fairs in Dusseldorf!

We are thrilled to take part in the world’s biggest trade show in the foundry business. We will be presenting the portfolio of our services, including examples of our fixtures for machining of castings on 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centres.

We look forward to meeting you all in Dusseldorf!