How do we make our clamping systems?

Custom solutions for client specific workpieces and machinery

With client satisfaction being the central goal of all our assignments, we provide comprehensive solutions covering the fixture’s design, as well as its production and delivery, including assembly and installation, testing and starting production.

Step 1. DESIGN

Each design process is commenced by analysing the workpiece and studying the client’s expectations. This allows us to propose the optimum clamping and machining technology, maximizing operating ergonomics and minimizing the risk of human errors during operation.

The design of clamping systems is performed in our engineering design department with the use of 3D CAD applications. Our engineers analyse the shape and material properties of the workpiece, as well as the type and parameters of machinery, the requirements for the specific procedure, the method of loading the workpiece, the potential risk of vibrations or dislocations of the workpiece, or the risk of chip accumulation.

This way we eliminate faults and perform simulations of the clamping system at the engineering stage. The results of such a comprehensive approach are stable and repeatable machining conditions, short processing cycles, fast retooling times and long life of the clamping systems.



In the manufacturing of our clamping systems we use the highest quality hydraulic and mechanical components from global market leaders.

We also possess modern machinery; the average age of our machines is 2-3 years. They include: 4 lathe centres, 4, 5-axis and larger centres, and 10 vertical 3- and 4-axis centres. All our machines come from renowned manufacturers, and their technical condition is monitored by our internal maintenance personnel on a regular basis. This allows us to produce clamping systems with the highest possible precision, and to meet all our contractual deadlines.

Our company premises include a separate 100 m2 space dedicated for assembly of our CNC workholding systems. The assembly is entrusted to highly qualified staff with many years of experience and training in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems, which results in faultless operation of the instruments, even in the most adverse of environments.




Apart from on-going control of the manufacturing process, each clamping system is subjected to dimensional control in the measuring laboratory, as well as to functional tests, including a 24-hour system tightness test at increased pressure before being shipped to the client. The correct operation of mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic clamping systems is confirmed through a written report, delivered to the client together with the system. Our laboratory, conforming to the requirements of EN10012:2014, possesses the equipment necessary for performing quality control at each production stage, allowing us to make clamping systems with utmost precision and attention to detail.



With its experienced team of process engineers, TechTEAM can offer comprehensive support, ranging from machinery and technology selection, through selection of machining tools, full automation of work cells with the use of conveyors, robotic grippers and other industrial automation elements, all the way up to the implementation of the full production process.