Compact robotic pallet system REXIO®

Based on our many years’ experience, and in an effort to meet our clients’ expectations, Metal Team developed the robotic pallet system Rexio®. The system is designed in accordance with the current technological trends, i.e. simplification of solutions, mobility, flexibility and ease of integration into existing work environment.

REXIO® is a simple and cost-effective way to automate “pick and place” operations for a variety of machines and processes (e.g. machining, grinding, welding, etc.). It allows to increase productivity, and proportionally reduces manufacturing costs. The mobility of the system enables applying automation through several machines, depending on the needs and production load, without the necessity of bearing the costs of complex relocation of the conventional robot + tray arrangement. With maximum limitation of the number of operators (necessary merely to replace the ready workpieces with blanks), the system’s user may significantly increase production capacity, at the same time avoiding costs of overtime or weekend employment.

Our solution


  • Automatic handling of parts
  • Increased productivity compared to manual handling of parts
  • Elimination of errors caused by incorrectly fixed parts
  • Part fixing repeatability
  • Reduction of machine operating costs – one operator can handle several machines with REXIO® system
  • Can be used with different machine tools
  • Communication between robot and machine tool by means of I/O signals

The solutions we offer are always tested, functional, and continuously improved in real-world conditions at MetalTEAM’s Technology Centre. The additional asset of our company is direct access to the opinions and suggestions of companies operating in the machining industry, which – combined with our own experience – constitutes an excellent input material for organizing and developing new technological solutions.


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