techTEAM solutions in the newly opened Kongsberg’s factory in Koluszki!


The automation and fixture system devices developed by techTEAM, integrated into a closed, fully automated cell, designed and manufactured especially for Kongsberg Automotive.

Kongsberg Automotive, a well-known worldwide company, has launched another factory, this time located in Koluszki (Lodz province). In this modern factory the company manufacturers parts for Scania, DAF and Volvo trucks.

MAZAK’s five-axis machining center and horizontal milling centers used in this project are operated in an automated or semi-automatic manner. The pictures show, among other things, the clamping systems used with the machines. Some of the solutions have been adapted from other KONGSBERG factories, but techTEAM specialists have improved them upon processing speed, positioning accuracy and equipment durability. An example of this could be the significantly improved system for the manufacture of the tilt stabilizer connectors.

Although the new plant employs more than 70 people, most operations are fully automated and employees act as “smart” supervisors of an autonomous system. It is important not only in terms of safety but also in terms of health –  frequently industrial working conditions are found harmful to employees’ health. Industrial fumes, high temperature and electromagnetic waves all pose a risk. In all these places, a steel robot replaces a man.

Kongsberg Automotive (KA) is headquartered in Norway. The company has 30 production sites around the world. Today, the range of products includes seat comfort systems, driver’s assistance and traffic control products, fluid circulation units, steering systems (driver – vehicle interface) developed for global vehicle manufacturers.

We encourage you to watch the short film by  Dziennik Lodzki, the newspaper that reported on the opening: